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Choosing a Metal Stamping Partner
DEGELE Equipment, Choosing a Metal Stamping Partner

Metal stamping is a quick, cost-effective manufacturing process in which a specialized press is used to transform flat metal sheets into various shapes and sizes. The complex process includes many metal forming methods and is used by thousands of metal stamping companies across the U.S. to deliver components to businesses in the automotive, medical and construction industries.

There has been an ever-increasing need for large quantities of complicated metal stamping parts in the past decade. However, choosing the right metal stamping supply partner for your facility can be challenging. Many businesses simply select the cheapest partner without considering other factors, including capabilities, location and experience. When looking for a partner, keep these considerations in mind:

Consideration #1: Stamping Capabilities

You must examine a potential partner’s stamping capabilities and if they can provide the services you need on the schedule you require. Have your company’s procurement specialist analyze the partner’s offerings, services and facilities. Below are a few questions to ask a potential partner before executing a contract or placing an order.

  • What supplies and materials do they usually work with?
  • What production services do they offer?
  • Do they offer design stamping services?
  • What is their quality control process?

You want to ask questions during an official sales meeting and receive answers in writing so you can save them for your records.

Consideration #2: Experience Level 

Manufacturing is an industry in which experience matters. You want to consider the number of years the potential partner has been in business and how much experience key workers possess. You must be confident the potential metal stamping partner has the experience to predict and avoid costly errors.

Quiz your potential partners about their experience as it relates to industry regulations and codes. Be sure the partner you choose has the expertise to safely operate and manufacture components to meet regulations and safety standards. Ask for information on previous projects they have completed and don’t be shy to ask about references. Any reputable company will be happy to provide you with a list of previous customers.

Consideration #3: Pricing

Most experts recommend getting a minimum of three quotes from potential metal stamping partners in your local area. Receiving too many quotes can confuse the process and receiving too few will not provide you with enough information to make an informed decision. Once you receive the quotes, compare costs while considering the experience and capabilities of each partner. One company may quote you a competitive price, but they may be inexperienced. Some potential partners are priced higher because they utilize higher quality materials and they employ more experienced workers. While you want to receive a fair price, choosing the cheapest company is not always the best option.

Consideration #4: Facility Location

The physical location of the partner is a significant consideration in the manufacturing industry. While many people may choose a centrally located manufacturer, it may be in your best interest to select a partner located close to your facility. You want to have some level of control over the stamping process to ensure consistency and quality. If you choose a partner located across the country, you will have to travel by plane every time you want to monitor the manufacturing process. Also, consider your customers when choosing a potential partner. Ideally, you want a metal stamping company that is located close to your facility and your customers.

Degele Manufacturing is a single-source supplier located in Chesterfield, Michigan. We employ CNC machining and can produce metal stampings on long and short-run productions. We specialize in sourcing stampings prototyping, fabrication, and assemblies. We also possess special machine capabilities including notching scarfing, piercing, brazing, and expanding.