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High-volume, accurate results make all the difference in the manufacturing world. There are a number of ways to reduce the chances of defects or production delays on metal stamping parts that use aluminum, stainless steel or copper.

This quick guide will easily show you how to ensure timely and quality delivery, thus avoiding the untold cost and damage to your business from product failure.

Here’s what to look out for.

Perform Metal Stamping All Under One Roof

A lot can go wrong when passing a product between multiple hands. Quality can be more easily tracked and maintained when it’s being handled by fewer people (aka, one company).

Work with a single-source supplier capable of providing short- and long-run production, such as stamp press runs from 40  to 400 tons. Some of the best in the business push to drop ship materials direct to customers to not only avoid defects but ensure on-time delivery.

Additionally, look for a quality lab with the necessary ISO 9001 certifications and that can handle your metal stamping needs from prototype to production.

Use the Right Design Software

If you’re going to stop defects from the get-go, where would you start?

The design phase.

It’s best to cut a problem out at the root  – stop it before it even begins. What better way to do that than through advanced software rather than waiting until the product is physically tested?

Experienced metal stamping companies out there will make sure to utilize popular CAD packages, such as AutoCAD, Kubotek 3D, and Surfcam.

These type of CAD software is common and widely used.  It’s just one more thing to look out for in ensuring a defect-free product.

Utilize Top-of-the-Line Machinery

Once the design phase is set in stone, you still need the right tools to finish the job.

You’ll see surface grinders and sinker and wire EDM technologies all being utilized, and as for the aforementioned design software, programmed CNC (“computer numerical control”) centers are an efficient way to dictate the movement of machinery and technology.

Yet again, it’s best when all of these parts and processes are handled by as few hands as possible, all within a single facility.

Timely and Defect-Free Metal Stamping

To recap, material handled just once dramatically reduces the risk of damage, shipping costs and lead time. It doesn’t matter how much or how often you produce, one defective product is enough to jeopardize your company’s success.

Degele Manufacturing is your one-stop-shop for tooling, stamping, quality control, and inspection. Contact us today to request a quote or ask us for more information about our quality assurance in delivering defect-free parts.

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