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It is one thing to look good, but to be good is even better.

Quality is the name of the game: You will not get anywhere as a manufacturer without providing customers the best possible products and adhering to the highest standards in your industry.

The International Organization for Standardization (called ISO) develops standards that every company should follow, creating quality principles that make your products stand out.

What does ISO certified mean? It is a bit of a misnomer. Read on to learn more.

ISO Does Not Certify Companies

The organization creates the standards, but third-party companies offer the certification. This process means there is not an ISO certification definition, rather there are companies that will subject a manufacturer to these stipulations.

ISO develops what are called International Standards, which have names like “ISO 9000.”

Pro Tip: If you see a company using the organization’s official logo, it is best to check with the ISO to make sure that it is authorized. Many predatory companies pretend to offer “ISO certification” for manufacturing and products when they are just out to take your money and offer you a false credential.

Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations Through ISO Certification

It might not guarantee customer satisfaction, however, an ISO certified company will certainly rise to their product’s expectations. Quality controls, such as material integrity and safety processes, are just some of the focus.

An ISO 9001:2015, for example, will be the qualifying standard after September of 2018. This certification grants that manufacturing companies have a quality management system or process and are seeking continual improvement. When you work with a manufacturer with this certification, then you can have confidence in the end product.

Your company should have its ISO 9001:2015 as soon as possible as all other titles will be obsolete after September 2018.

What Does ISO Certified Mean?

ISO standards boil down to one thing: Quality Assurance Management.

manufacturing company cannot obtain an ISO 9001 certification without being able to prove to a certifying body that it has the correct documentation, materials, and a process by which to efficiently and effectively run their business and produce products efficiently. You have got to be continually improving to get vetted and stay that way.

Another pro tip? A quality management system and a general management system are two different things. ISO 9001 certification only deals with the former.

Get More Business with an ISO Certification

There is no guarantee to prove that your customer base will increase if you have an ISO certification for manufacturing, but there is good data showing at least a correlation. Therefore, when you work with an ISO certified manufacturer, then you know that there is a higher level of quality and consistency during the manufacturing process, which will translate into a higher quality product at the end.

Time is money for your business, so when product is produced at a low quality, it means that you are delayed in delivery and that negatively impacts your reputation. Therefore, working with an ISO-certified manufacturer can help you to keep your business meetings its timelines effectively.

Think about it. Manufacturing companies that abide by quality assurance standards and have a system to measure their progress and improvement are probably the types of companies you would want to work with, right?

Degele Manufacturing is an ISO certified company, which means that continuous improvement is part of who we are. With ISO certification, you know that we can manufacture your product to the highest standard. We have decades of experience with prototypes, metal stampings, tooling, and more. Contact us today.

Based in Michigan, Degele Manufacturing has been serving the world since 1970. The company provides quality metal stampings, fabrications, assemblies, and weldments to the automotive and defense industries. They are ISO 9001:2008 certified.